When you think of Super Powers, you may think of comic book or movie super heroes who can do extraordinary things like fly, see through walls or leap tall buildings in a single bound. As human beings, our Super Powers may be less obvious, but no less impressive. We possess dormant Super Powers that may seem out of the realm of possibility now, but one hundred years from now may be commonplace.

  Our subconscious mind holds claim to about 90% of our brainpower. Much of what we do happens automatically, with our subconscious mind at the wheel. You can learn to bring what you do subconsciously into your conscious awareness and discover talents and abilities you didn’t know you had.

 A Super Power is a phenomenal ability or skill that goes well beyond the average. A core Super Power that opens the door to others is learning how to access the pleasure systems of your brain with a mental command (thought) that releases naturally produced pleasure chemicals like dopamine and endorphins, among others. These pleasure chemicals are what we seek when we eat, have sex, smoke cigarettes, ride roller coasters, drink caffeine, and use alcohol or other drugs, including prescription medications for depression, anxiety or pain.

 The skill to access your brain’s pleasure systems with thought alone gives you the ability to choose your own brain chemistry naturally without putting harmful substances into your body, and without the negative consequences that happen with addictions. A chronic pain sufferer can learn to release endorphins (the brain’s natural morphine) instantly. As you develop your Super Powers, your awareness will expand and you will develop control over mind-body processes that previously happened subconsciously. 

 You can learn Super Power techniques to naturally choose your brain chemistry to lose weight, stop smoking, increase sexual desire, stay (or return) to the “in love” stage of a romantic relationship, self-heal, reverse aging, activate your motivation, choose your moods, reduce sexual abuse trauma responses that can affect your sexual relationship(s), and have infinite orgasms at will, no sexual stimulation or fantasy required.

 When you develop your Super Powers, you are recognizing and honing your innate abilities. One such innate ability is accessing Physical Memory Orgasms (PMOs). For women, PMOs occur by accessing physical memories of past sexual experiences resulting in very real unlimited multiple orgasms in the present. This is done through techniques that allow you to tap into your ability to instantly release natural pleasure brain chemicals any time you choose. Throughout this book, you will learn Physical Memory Accessing techniques that not only allow you to access Physical Memory Orgasms, but any desired state of mind.

 Because of anatomical differences, men may not experience PMOs exactly the same way women do, but they can use the same techniques to extend and enhance their sexual experiences and orgasms, and learn to access their brain pleasure systems with thought for other purposes as well. 

 PMOs result in immediate physiological and scientifically measurable changes. These are the same physical changes and feelings that occur in your body and brain when you experience orgasms, because they are exactly that! A distinction between PMOs and orgasms in general is the ability to have effortless orgasms simply by deciding to, and having the ability to continue until you are ready to stop.

 You can develop your own “remote control”, along with a power button, rewind, pause, mute, turn up the volume and, of course, stop (darn). Not all orgasms are the same. You can choose what type of orgasms you wish to have and their level of intensity. You design your own buttons with your mind power. Once you learn the techniques to access PMOs and your other Super Powers, it will be as uncomplicated as yawning or scratching your nose. 

  Does it seem too good to be true? Does it sound sci-fi or futuristic? Remember the scene in the movie Barbarella, with Jane Fonda, where two people have an amazing sexual encounter in their brains by simply placing their hands together? Well, some of you already know how to do this, you just didn’t tell the rest of us!

 Theodore X. Barber, a hypnosis authority and altered states specialist at Cushing Hospital in Framingham, Massachusetts, did a controlled study and found that approximately 4% of the population, mostly women, can use sexual fantasy to reach orgasm with no physical stimulation (10). If you don’t already have this skill, you are about to learn, and you don’t even need sexual fantasy. However, fantasy can enhance Physical Memory Orgasms.

  A Super Power that serves many purposes is Virtual Reality Fantasy (VRF). Virtual Reality Fantasy is what the name implies, fantasy experienced as real. The techniques used in VRF can intensify your PMOs and your sexual relationship with your partner. A male in a sexual relationship with a female who can access PMOs may find himself in for the sexual experiences of his lifetime, and possibly renew a relationship to the “honeymoon phase” that can keep it lasting. Men can access these naturally occurring brain chemicals by using the same techniques as women, and draw out or extend their orgasmic experiences. 

 Physical Memory Accessing, including Physical Memory Orgasms, is achieved through simple techniques that are a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and classical conditioning combined in a way that gives you the ability to activate the pleasure systems of your brain with thought. The primary focus of the techniques used in Physical Memory Accessing and PMOs is bringing into your conscious awareness what you do naturally on a subconscious level around the clock.

  The elements that make Physical Memory Accessing and PMOs work can be found in the study of neuroscience, regarding how the brain works, how memory is stored and retrieved, how our senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste operate and how we learn. 

 There are endless benefits to having the ability to choose your brain chemistry naturally and access the pleasure systems of your brain at will. If you are trying to lose weight, stop smoking or eliminate any addiction, you probably know that willpower alone usually doesn’t work. Willpower is a left brain function that relies on logic and reason. The right brain functions that trigger the pleasure systems of the brain, like our senses and emotions, fuel addictions. You can learn right brain approaches that give you the edge you have been missing in past attempts to lose weight or stop smoking.

 Hormones play a crucial role in how our bodies function. A proper hormone balance aids in sexual functioning, health, mood and cognitive processes. Relationships are enhanced and can operate at their best with a good hormone balance. In this book, you will learn some facts on hormones and hormone replacement therapy options that may surprise you.

 There is a reader survey enclosed at the end of this book designed so that readers may share their Super Power experiences and the present Super Power techniques can further evolve to help others. Also, the Developing Your Super Powers Workbook will further assist you in developing your skills.

 I liken discovering PMOs, and the other techniques that help you develop your Super Powers, to finding a great recipe that few people have found. The ingredients already exist, but perhaps they haven’t been blended in quite the same way before. Of course, as with any recipe, you have the creative freedom to add, subtract, or mix it up any way you choose and discover something that is completely and uniquely yours.

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